The Viadux

Phase 1 of the Viadux development will provide 375 high quality apartments and amenity space in the heart of Manchester City centre. The development includes the construction of a 39 storey residential tower, podium structure and refurbishment of the underlying existing 1870’s Grade II listed viaduct structure around an operational service yard to the top of the viaduct.

With such a complex site, the civil and structural engineering proposals required unique solutions to be developed in response to the site constraints. Close collaboration with the team (main contractor Domis) and early input from the supply chain have been critical to the success of the project.

Renaissance provided Conservation, Structural and Civil Engineering services, as well as Geotechnical and Temporary works strategies, to facilitate the works, which included:

  • Minimising interventions and penetrations through the Grade II listed structure.
  • Providing a slender tower structure that could accommodate the significant buffeting wind load from the adjacent Beetham Tower.     
  • Providing a commercially viable solution for the reinforced tower structure above podium level, which was optimised to minimise material usage, hence reducing the embodied carbon, and floor cycle times during construction. 
  • Providing a transfer structure at podium level, 5 storeys (circa 17m) above ground level, to reduce the number of columns within the service yard, and to fit within the existing viaduct structure, facilitating in minimising penetrations through the arches.
  • Developing a unique bi-furcating columns engineering solution between the ground and transfer level that allowed a significant reduction in transfer structure depth, which aided construction over the existing viaduct arches, again, minimising material usage. 
  • Finding a solution to provide significant lateral stiffness to the lower portion of the building allowing the core to be reduced in size where it penetrates the existing viaduct, whilst also ensuring occupier comfort levels were maintained to the top floors. 
  • Providing a piled raft solution within the arches to support the significant loads from the tower, minimise ground settlement and associated movement to the listed viaduct structure.

Client: ASK Central Ltd
Location: Manchester
Value: £87m