Design engineer (minimum 2-3 years experience) 

Location: Manchester, England 

If you’re a design engineer with an ambition to make a difference and a drive to be a part of a step change occurring across our industry and the bult environment, renaissance is the perfect place to continue your journey. 
We’re recruiting for 2 design engineers with a minimum of 2-3 years of industry experience to positively contribute to our exciting portfolio of projects within the practice. 

About renaissance: 

Based in the heart of Manchester, renaissance is not just another engineering firm. We champion the practice of considered engineering, leading on engineering innovation, and driving forward with a commitment to sustainable, efficient, and elegant designs. Our ethos is deeply rooted in teamwork, diversity, and excellence. We’re not only invested in designing efficient engineering solutions; we’re committed to reducing carbon, promoting biodiversity, and paving the way for a greener future. 

Your role: 

As a Design Engineer with a zest for innovation and an eye for sustainable solutions, you will play a pivotal role in our journey of transforming the built environment. At renaissance, your experience isn’t just valued—it’s celebrated and harnessed. 

Technical development: 

Project involvement: Delve deep into the technical nuances of our projects, ensuring holistic coverage of design aspects, and timely information dissemination to the broader team. 

Chartership path: While your past experiences have given you a unique perspective, we’re keen on aiding your growth journey. Benefit from our unwavering support in pursuing your charter-ship, inclusive of preparations for the IStructE Professional Examination. 

Knowledge enhancement: Stay ahead of the curve with Continued Professional Development (CPD). Be our brand ambassador through technical papers and external showcases, always backed by the renaissance team. 

Project delivery & management: 

Collaborative efforts: Sync with senior engineers to breathe life into projects. Beyond just technical aspects, enhance project relationships, manage programmes, and get a grasp of the financial intricacies or our work. 

Commercial focus: 

Leadership evolution: As you grow with us, step into the shoes of a project. Immerse yourself in project management, from performance and delivery to the financial facets, always mentoredby our senior team. 

Customer focus: 

Relationship building: As your role progresses, become the nexus between renaissance and our valued partners. Cement relationships with design teams and clients, and, in the process, unlock future opportunities for renaissance. 

Networking: Leverage our support in broadening your professional network. Seek, identify, and capitalise on opportunities that align with renaissance’s vision. 

What’s in it for you? 

At renaissance, every day is an opportunity to reshape engineering paradigms. We live at the cutting-edge of design innovation, always working with an eye on how we can move towards a more positive low-carbon future not just for our clients, but the world. 

Your uniqueness is our strength. Collaborate, ideate, and design in an environment that cherishes diversity. 

Be at the forefront of designing a sustainable tomorrow, ensuring reduced carbon footprints and enhanced biodiversity. 

Ready to be a key player in a team that’s not just engineering structures, but engineering a greener, brighter future?  

Join renaissance. Together, let’s redefine engineering. 

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