A quick update on Waterhouse Gardens

We gave you a rundown on the considered engineering design we delivered for Waterhouse Gardens earlier in the year. The Salboy-led project is now in full flow and marching from milestone to milestone.

We thought we’d get you up to speed on the progress the project has made so far.

First, a quick recap.

The Waterhouse Gardens project

The Waterhouse Gardens project is a quintessentially modern new development giving the land previously occupied by Boddington’s brewery a new lease of life. Having laid uninhabited for nearly two decades, the project will completely reinvigorate the site with a 23-story, two 15-story, two 10-storey and one 2-story structure.

Described by Salboy as a community of high-spec apartments with beautifully landscaped public spaces and 30,000 sq ft of boutique traders, independent eateries and bars, Waterhouse Gardens will be home to an energetic, avant-garde neighbourhood.

The job we delivered had to contend with level discrepancies and a heavily constrained site but in the end delivered what we’re known for, an efficient and optimised structural design.

Project updates

With work well underway towards a summer 2026 finish, there’s lots of progress to see at the former brewery site.

Block A

At Block A, we’re up to level 03 and temporary screens have started to surround the building. What’s more, the mast climber is being installed, facilitating the installation of the façade and therefore the weatherproofing of the building. This will enable the internal fit-out to get started.

Blocks C and D

At Blocks C and D, Slabsare up to level 7 with 3 more storeys left to go. The apartments are starting to take shape with the partition walls and building services installation ongoing. An exciting time where you can really start to see the outline of the finished building. Still a lot of work to do but some great progress so far.

Block E

At Block E, the core has reached level 10 and looking to top out in the next few days.

Looking to the future

After a confident start to the project, there are still some major milestones to come before it’s completed in 2026. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the project progresses.