our values

At renaissance, our core values help our team strive towards a common goal and ensure everyone has the support they need to thrive.

Embrace teamwork

We are more than the sum of our parts. Working together as one, we deliver cutting-edge engineering designs for our clients and support one another to thrive and succeed.

Give mutual respect

We find strength in diversity. By prioritising inclusivity, equality and respect for different viewpoints, everyone is empowered to find engineering solutions that are deliverable and efficient.

Nurture relationships

Whether it’s working with architects, design teams or colleagues, we nurture relationships and work collaboratively. This results in efficient projects for the benefit of all involved.

Solve the right problem

We are solution-focused and always approach the brief from the right perspective. Being involved early in a project, we work closely with the wider team, identifying the challenges and delivering the right solutions to the project.

Strive for efficiency

We all have our part to play in the drive for a more sustainable future. We think creatively to manage the carbon impact of our designs, working to 100% efficiency, using fewer materials and therefore reducing the structural embodied carbon.

Pursue excellence

Success doesn’t just mean delivering great engineering designs. Through our diverse team, we see challenges differently from others. Our considered approach means we’re able to keep step with the evolution of our industry and lead the way towards a better-built environment.