Castle Irwell Phase Three: Engineering and Construction Update

The development of Castle Irwell in Salford’s Lower Broughton continues to make steady progress, with attention now turning to Phase Three of the project. This residential scheme is a key contributor to the area’s housing, offering up to 500 homes close to Manchester city centre. As appointed engineers, renaissance is responsible for the civil engineering components, addressing specific challenges related to flood mitigation and drainage.

Flood Mitigation Measures

Due to the site’s floodplain location, flood mitigation has been a critical element of the engineering process. We’ve worked with the Environment Agency to develop an approach that safeguards the homes while minimising environmental impact. The central green space serves a dual purpose, acting as both a recreational area and a flood storage zone. Specially designed depressions within this space can hold floodwater, while additional flood compensation is provided by wetlands at the perimeter of the development.

Drainage Solution

Drainage posed another significant challenge due to the site’s flat topography and Greenfield status. The primary solution involved channelling runoff into the River Irwell, in compliance with greenfield runoff restrictions. Additional on-site storage solutions have been integrated, including permeable paving systems within the courtyards of individual housing plots. These features are designed to slow down water movement, thus facilitating efficient drainage and – in combination with open wetland features – hugely improving biodiversity net gain.

Progress Report from Domis

Domis, the main contractor, has recently commenced work on Phase Three of the project and has already achieved several milestones:

  • Installation of all deep drainage is complete
  • The first access road has been finished
  • The courtyard for Plot 7 is now complete
  • The roofing and timber frame construction is ongoing for Plot 7
  • Work on foundations and substructure for Plot 8 is in progress.

Phase three is shaping up to meet both environmental and the community needs of the area, book-ending a transformative project. Not only is the development bringing excellent quality homes to Lower Broughton but it also provides a beautiful green public open space accessible to all in a location adjacent to both central Manchester and Salford.

The work completed confirms that Castle Irwell will be a development where engineering solutions not only solve complex problems but also contribute to the well-being of the community.