Delivering considered engineering at Pavillion Wharf

Renaissance has supported the Forshaw Group in the engineering, design and delivery of a new 16-story residential building on Salford’s Derwent Street. Offering stunning riverside views, Pavillion Wharf will add much-needed residences to one of the city’s most popular residential districts.

Working alongside JMA architects, we produced a considered structural design that realised the architectural ambition of the project while delivering one of the most efficient frames we’ve ever delivered. This was particularly true of the floor slab which measured in at only 200mm thick.

The development is located in flood zone 2 and required us to take a proactive approach to the civil engineering. Across Pavillion Wharf, we designed SuDS systems to attenuate surface waters and protect the development from 1 in 100-year climate change storm events. This included the provision of a blue roof system – a thin egg crate system located at the roof level that stores rainwater, which is then control-released into the onsite drainage network.

The project is currently on site with the piling and foundations already completed. We look forward to seeing the structure completed later in 2023.

Photo credit: Forshaw Land and Property Group