Castern Hall

Deep in the rugged beauty of the Staffordshire Peak District sits Castern Hall, a rural home steeped in history and heritage grandeur. After being acquired by a new private owner, the stunning location is set to undergo a series of renovation works. At renaissance, we have a significant portfolio and expertise in heritage projects. It’s this experience that we will bring to bear in overcoming the engineering challenges of the Castern Hall project.

The Grade II listed building has Georgian roots stretching back to the 18th century. However, elements of the building could be many hundreds of years older, perhaps even stretching back as far as the 13th century.

The task ahead at Castern Hall

There are several areas we’ll be working on at Castern Hall. Split across two phases, the works involve a number of different buildings on the estate. As well as the main hall, we’ll be working on adjoining barns, agricultural buildings and several civil engineering features.

Phase 1 – Alterations to the main hall

Our work on the main hall will be minimalistic and purely restorative. The roof needs some structural work to ensure it is safe and watertight, several arches on the exterior wall will require minor remedial work to maintain their stability, and the window and door surround will need reinforcing to combat the significant cracking.

The latter will involve removing the surrounds, fitting them with reinforced steel plates and rods before then reinstating the surrounds back into position.

These works are considered ‘light touch’ and will merely ensure the integrity of the building rather than effect any large-scale aesthetic change.

Phase 2 – Renovation of the adjoining barn

Also on the property is a large barn complex that has seen better days. There are significant works proposed for these buildings. A lean-to extension and adjoining terrace will be added as a new structure whilst the existing building will be completely renovated, adapting the internal layout to allow for a number of different dwellings within.

Phase 2 – Works to the agricultural buildings

Although not strictly heritage in nature, we will also assist with the removal of several agricultural sheds and the structural alteration of another to accommodate a variety of leisure uses.

The removal works are straightforward and require little intervention from us. However, renovating the remaining shed into a leisure facility will require some structural alterations. Investigations have made it clear that there was little thought given to the building’s structure when it was erected. The task for renaissance now is to understand the integrity of the building before putting into place a robust and sympathetic structural solution that will ensure it’s fit for its new purpose.

Phase 2 – New drainage works and minor alterations to external masonry

Finally, renaissance will be supplying engineering support for a new drainage system. Because the residence is built on a hill, there are several level differences to contend with when it comes to site drainage. The task is to develop an innovative solution that ensures drainage is sustainable and protective of the heritage location by adapting suitable SUDs features across the site.

Finally, a number of feature walls and associated gateposts require review to ensure they are safe for the new family once they move in.

Ensuring the past lives long into the future

Here at renaissance, we’re passionate about protecting heritage assets like Castern Hall. With several CARE accredited engineers on staff at the practice, our clients get peace of mind that their valuable development is in good hands and that our works will give the utmost respect to the historical fabric of the building.

We’ll be sure to update you on our progress at Castern Hall so check back soon for an update.

Client: Private client
Location: Ilam, Staffordshire
Value: £6m