Local Blackfriars

Local Blackfriars was a huge step in the evolution of renaissance.

Not only was it our first foray into the high-rise residential market, but it was also one of our first projects collaborating with long-time clients Salboy and Domis.

Billed as a step-change in luxury city living, Local Blackfriars is a Salford-based residential development comprising 380 apartments, townhouses and penthouses across two stunning towers.

Our work on the development encapsulated what we do best as an engineering consultancy. Through efficient design and strong relationships, we saved our client money, increased buildability and enabled early delivery of the finished product.

Early in the design process for any project, we look to optimise the engineering efficiency. With Local Blackfriars, imposing the residential grid throughout the building height avoided a costly transfer slab. Combined with de-risking the ground works with a reduced basement footprint (which had limited impact on the client’s financial returns), we created savings of £1m.

Our positive relationship with Mayo Civils – the concrete frame contractor – and our crystal-clear design plan allowed the construction of the frame to be delivered quicker than expected. The clarity with which we delivered our design was such that very few queries came back during construction.

Our super-efficient design and strong collaboration with Domis and Mayo Civils meant this award-winning project was delivered six months early, enabling an early start to its sibling project at Local Crescent.


Client: Salboy
Location: Salford
Value: £55M