“Quality Experience at renaissance!!”

We are delighted that ‘our Matthew’ received an award for the quality of his professional work placement with renaissance.

Matthew is currently preparing for his A levels which he will be taking in summer 2018 and one of the requirements of his sixth form was to obtain work experience, relating to an area of interest. In preparation for this, Matthew approached us some time ago and after liaison with his school he joined renaissance for a week in June 2017.

On all of our projects, we carry out a desk top study prior to our commission, which is taken further once appointed, but this initial exploration of the site provides us with detailed knowledge and understanding which assists us in producing our proposal, and also informs the management of risks through the course of the project.  During his placement week, Matthew assisted us in a number of these studies along with other aspects of our business. We were so delighted and impressed with his positive contribution that he joined us as a summer placement and took on the role of “New Business Analyst” during this period.

As he currently works through for the final leg of his A level studies, we wish him the best of luck in achieving his goals in terms of grades and his future career, possibly as a structural engineer!