The Viadux Rises: One of renaissance’s most challenging designs marches on towards completion

As it edges closer to completion, Salboy’s Viadux project in Manchester continues to break new ground – quite literally. The ambitious project has been steadily transforming the city’s skyline. With most of its 40 floors already laid, works are moving ever closer to the top.

As you’ll recall from our previous updates, the Viadux project is far from typical. Tasked with integrating a 40-storey residential tower into the fabric of 150-year-old, Grade 2 listed railway arches, our team has been innovating every step of the way​.

From the outset, it’s been our firm commitment to respect the history and integrity of listed arches. Now that the imposing task of safely building through those arches is complete, the skyward advance of the tower has gathered speed.  

The finished aesthetic takes shape

The glass facade of the tower is now being installed, giving life to the aesthetic beauty of the building. This façade and internal fit-out is “chasing the frame up”, as we say, following closely behind the structural progress. The interplay of glass and concrete brings the building to life, hinting at its finished look.

If you go for a stroll along Deansgate now, you’ll see the amazing structure as it takes shape, adding its unique style to the Manchester skyline. The project has always been one that is sure to turn heads and capture attention, so it’s fantastic to see it taking shape at this pivotal stage of development.

What’s next?

On the horizon is the installation of a steel podium that will cover the service yard behind Manchester Central. This isn’t merely functional – it will also serve as an extension of the residential space, outfitted with a rooftop garden where residents will enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Once complete, small additions like the rooftop garden will feature among the many amenities cementing the complex’s reputation as one of the most desirable residential high rises in the city.

Looking to the future

With each new development, we remain mindful of the unique challenges posed by the site. From the start, we’ve had to reconcile the need to protect the integrity of the historic masonry with the demands of modern, high-rise construction. The complexities of working within these constraints have pushed us to think outside the box, resulting in some of our most innovative structural solutions to date.

We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come, but we’re not resting on our laurels. As the Viadux project continues to reach new heights, we’re more committed than ever to our ethos of designing structures with considered, buildable engineering principles.