Transforming Oldham’s Spindles Shopping Centre

In the face of shifting retail landscapes, Spindles Shopping Centre in Oldham has embarked on a significant transformation. renaissance engineers, in collaboration with AEW architects, had the privilege of steering the initial stages of this metamorphosis.

Our part in the redevelopment has been instrumental up to RIBA stage 2, where we’ve set the wheels in motion for a comprehensive makeover of the retail complex. The focus: transforming retail units into a multi-functional development with a more focussed retail offering, food hall, event spaces and centralised office space for Oldham Council.

In the first onsite phase, our work with AEW architects has resulted in the successful conversion of retail spaces into offices.

This recent progress marks the completion of the initial phase of the 450,000 sq ft redevelopment project. As the first 100 council staff take up residence in their new workspace, the project is now moving on to the remaining Spindles repurposing work.

The upcoming features of this project are as diverse as they are impressive. These include an additional 87,000 sq ft of office space, a 50,000 sq ft market hall adjacent to the Town Square shopping centre, a 33,000 sq ft event space, a rooftop terrace, and 12,500 sq ft dedicated for archive storage. AEW will continue on as architects for these latter stages as well as landscape architects CW Studio.

But the transformation of the Spindles Shopping Centre is only a part of a broader picture. Oldham Council’s regeneration vision goes beyond this project, proposing a town-wide transformation worth £550m. This ambitious plan entails the creation of 2,000 new homes, with the potential for 600 to be built on the civic centre site. At renaissance engineers, we were proud to play our part in this significant undertaking. By leveraging our expertise, considered engineering and collaborative spirit, we continue to contribute towards sustainable, future-focused development.