The Press

The conversation of the Grade II listed Co-operative Press provides 66 high quality apartments and associated amenity space. The complex of buildings on the site date from the 1850’s through to 1920 reflecting the growth of the Co-operative Printing Society (founded in 1869) and Manchester. The form of construction also reflect the development of engineering through the period with masonry, timber, cast-iron, wrought iron, steel and reinforced concrete all being used at various stages. 

Based on our light touch approach, we were able to utilise our extensive experience in assessing historic buildings, combined with our detailed specialist analysis, to justify the alteration and extension works with minimal intervention to the existing building fabric. In the limited areas, where augmentation was required, we developed details that were reversible and resulted in minimal impact to the existing fabric. Through our unique approach we where able to work with the team to leave the existing primary structure exposed throughout. This approach avoided the intrusive and expensive steel strengthening works that is typically seen in the conversion of buildings of this nature. This approach enhanced the finished building making it more attractive to potential tenants, minimised use of material resources, and avoided unnecessary costs to the Client.

Renaissance provided Conservation, Structural and Civil Engineering services to facilitate the refurbishment and conversion of the buildings. The main works included:

  • Refurbishment and repair to the existing building fabric using compatible materials.
  • Removal of 1950’s infills to redefine the central street, with the introduction of a roof, link bridges and lift core.
  • The introduction of infill floors, additional floors and mezzanine levels within the originally 1850s, 1870s and 1897 warehouse buildings.
  • The introduction of a rooftop extension to the 1927 steel and reinforced concrete building.

Client: Salboy & Park Lane Group
Location: Manchester
Value: £7M