Cardboard in Architecture

Our work in this area has included novel applications for the use of cardboard in construction for both temporary and permanent structural forms. One of our directors, Helen Gribbon, has published some work in the book Cardboard in Architecture: Research in Architectural Engineering Series, Vol 7 (2008), which was carried out in collaboration with Delft University of Technology.  Subsequently, Helen was invited to speak on Radio 4’s Today programme as the UK’s national expert on cardboard on the subject of cardboard as a viable construction material.

One of our first projects was a collaboration with architects NaJa & deOstos and Lawrence Friesen, to bring an efficient and elegant solution to a cardboard installation that was the centre-piece for an exhibition held at the Brazilian embassy. Formed from over 100 layers of corrugated cardboard, the sculptured form housed ten exhibitors in its unique environment.