Golden Terrace

In collaboration with the artist in residence at MMU, Birgitte Jurack, this proposal for a permanent art installation at MMU’s Birley Fields campus is intended to instil reflection and inspiration.

Birgit’s concept for the Golden Terrace is to install a scaled model of the terrace house which once was the core of residential accommodation in the area. The form is skeletal and therefore the structural engineering challenge is to respond to this filigree skeleton with suitable structural members. In doing so, we have had to consider the need for ease of fabrication and installation and the future application of temporary cladding. A degree of robustness was integrated into the design to account for misuse as a “climbing-frame” by students and the public at large.

The resulting design fully captures the artists intent, with the elemental approach to the manufacture and installation being fully adopted by the steelwork fabricators.

Client: Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Location: Manchester