Liverpool Philharmonic

The Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool was constructed in 1936 and is a Grade II* listed building. Working in collaboration with the client on this direct commission, we have been evaluating the load capacity of the 27m span steel roof trusses to determine the potential for supporting an additional 37 tonnes of stage equipment with minimal intervention.

Coupled with improving access to the grid, the works are required to be installed during the “Dark Period” between performances to ensure there is no loss of revenue for the theatre. A methodical approach to the review of the structure, comparing the original 1930’s drawings with the installed works and where possible obtaining material samples, we have been able to demonstrate viability of the client’s requirements. This unlocks their ability to make a wider offering in terms types of musical performance that can take place due to the enhanced stage capacity.

This project has drawn on our experience of theatres and stage engineering on a number of other projects.

Client: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Location: Liverpool